the brand TROCAMINO

TROCAMINO is a "Gender-Free and Lifestyle" brand centered on high quality Leather Products.

Passion and Technique are the source of strength for the Brand, without Ego being the driving force.
The Designers are a Wife & Man who have so far accumulated over 25 years of Career and Performance in the Leather Fashion Industry.

They have Designed everything from Stage Costumes for Musicians to a Pret-a-Porter Brand in London, to the launch of their Leather Brand and the Design of their Collections over the next decade.
Today their Brands are carried in Select and Department Stores, and have been Exhibited in Europe and the US at exhibitions such as Premiere-Vision in France and Mipel & Micam in Italy.
Their Collections have been recognized by Newspapers and Magazines such as LA times, Nikkei, and DEPARTURES.

They Create, not only Product Design but also Store Design, they fuse Inspiration with "BELIEF" which can be called a single concept, and lead to tangible results.
New York, which has given them so much, is not just a place of Travel, a place where they have followed the Path, that they Believe in.
Having studied and grown up in the US and Europe at a Young Age, they are convinced that presenting Their Collections there is a step Forward, taking their own Productions along the Path that Lies in front of Them.
Currently based in Japan, they select their Leathers based on a detailed understanding of the Leathers and the Fusion of Their Designs. Almost all of the Leathers are originally ordered from Japanese Tanneries, down to the Texture and Feeling.
The Leather is Meticulously handcrafted in Japan by a small number of Trusted Artisans.

They Consider it a matter of course to be particular about their Products, and they Consider it a Necessity to Sublimate Their Designs to a Higher Level.