‘TRO’ means "BELIEVE" in Swedish.
‘CAMINO’ means "THE WAY" in Spanish.

The hyphen that exists between ‘O’ and ‘C’ in the logo refers to the brand's iconic LEATHER-WRAPPING CHAIN.

LEATHER-WRAPPING CHAIN is made by processing a leather-string into a hollow and joining it with a ring through which metal is threaded.

It is finished by hand using advanced Japanese techniques.And It is one symbol that incorporates various unprecedented new proposals.

T A O (The Way), located at the beginning, center, and end, is one of the terms of philosophy.
The logo uses the T.A.O. monogram.

We interpret the word "path" to mean the place where people and things must go, and to broadly refer to the universal laws of the universe and nature, the fundamental reality, and the source of beauty and truth.

The letters T.A.O., located at both ends and, in the center, are "THE WAY" We are aiming for and the cornerstone of our brand.